Brass Band   $38.50

The famous jazz rock chart by Joe Zawinal & "Weather Report". A shorter version than the original but still follows it closely and includes all themes. Optional lines make it pleasing and playable by several performance levels

Sound not available due to copyright restrictions on the audio track.

There have been many recordings and band arrangements of this composition all with their good points and serving the needs of the target group. This arrangement aims to provided, through the use of optional divi lines and e.g. an optional 4 bar introduction, an authentic arrangement playable by all levels of bands. The original recording on the album "Heavy Weather" would be a useful listening resource.

Although this arrangement is shorter than the original, all the tutti themes are presented. It is intended that this arrangement reflects the original flavour or Weather Report's recording even though this arrangement relies on a faster tempo and more upon sectional soli than solo passages and has been moved from the Electric Fusion Band to Brass Band.

Devoted "Birdland" fans may however detect an additional change-of-mode chord not used by Weather Report. Although Birdland is often played in Jazz/big bands and often said to have originated there, its original genre is that of its composer - Electric Jazz-rock Fusion.

A good percussion section should be allowed to tastefully extemporize.

Performance time - 3:55min @ M.M.=160

ADDITIONAL PARTS To cater for bands who are now using more that the traditional instrumentation, e.g. 2nd Flugel, four trombones, full percussion and Bass Guitar, additional parts have been included for your benefit. They however do not detract from the arrangement if not used.

The 2nd. Flugel provides an alternate or training position which is becoming increasingly necessary as the Flugel continues to evolve into a lead position.

The Trombone parts provide both an extra line if required and also the 3rd. part also provides an entry position for those people who have been only taught to play in F clef without yet having the experience to play the low range of the 4th. Trom.

The F clef parts for baritone provide an entry point for players only taught through those schools teaching only the F clef system.


Thankyou to the members of Darwin City Brass, Wynnum Manly Citizens', Gladstone Municipal, Brisbane Brass and Toowoomba Municipal Bands for their assistance in developing this arrangement.