Very Beginner Brass              $5.00

Very Beginner Concert          $5.00

Very Beginner Strings            $5.00


An album of tunes played in unison using only two, three, four or five notes; Crotchets, minims and semi-breves.

Designed as an early  first performance as an ensemble but at the same time gives full versions and offers more than enough tunes from which to choose. Two basic theory pages, a souvenir autograph page and a certificate of performance are included.

An excellent folder of music for getting beginners to play together and without gaps. Every tune has appropriate breath marks. 

F horn is in both unison pitch and "more achievable pitch" in the one folder.

Percussion is published in mallets, timps, drums & auxiliary in the one folder and at the same price.

Range:  Concert Bb, C, D, Eb & F.  -  For strings is D, E, F#, G & A.

Crotchet rests are introduced in the Five note-tunes

  Two-note tunes - Two Note Shuffle, Two Note March.

  Three-note tunes - Hot Cross Buns, Rain is Falling Down, Au De Claire De Lune

  Four-note tunes -  Ring-A-Ring-A-Rosie, Song of the Fjords, Wiggle Wobble Tooth, Drum, Drum   Away.

  Five-note tunes -   Down By the StationMerrily, Lightly Row, When the Saints, Song of JoyJingle Bells, Aura Lee, Cha-Cha Mood, March South, March Central.