Brass Band                               $35.00

Very Beginner Concert          $40.00

Strings                                        $35.00


"March Central" has been written as an early work for the beginner Band. It is a very sectional arrangement with no divisi within parts or sections i.e. no 1st. and 2nd. parts and thus should be an easy piece to get off the ground.


Additional Parts

Some alternate parts have been included to cater for the different methods and syllabus used by different organizations and teachers, e.g. Glockenspiel and in particular the Eb Bass Tuba which has great difficulty with unison pitch methods at this level. There are parts to cover your teaching method and what suits you in your Band. You have the flexibility to make your own choices.


The following teaching points are covered in this arrangement:

Rhythm - Minims, Crotchets, and equivalent rests.

Ensemble - harmony, solo/soli, tutti, whole bar and block rests.

Percussion - Snare, Bass and suspended Cymbal, as individual instruments and/or on the Kit. Hand Cymbals, Glockenspiel and/or Xylophone, Triangle, Timpani or; roto or other toms if no timps,

Whilst parts are included for these percussion instruments, it is not essential that all are played - on the other hand it ensures that there is plenty to do if you have a large section. Practice on all four subsections of percussion is thus also available.

Form - Intro, A, B, A, C, A Coda.


Ranges and notes required

Concert pitch Bb, C, D, Eb, F.

Bb instruments written C, D, E, F, G.

Eb woodwind written G, A, B, C, D.

F horn written C, D, E, F.

Eb Brass written D, E, F#, G.


The Bass Line

This is always a problem at this level. Even though there are Elec/Str. Bass, Eb and Bb Bass tuba parts you may not have one in your band. Thus the tenor instruments have been written in unison to also provide a bass line. To overcome the problems of the different pitches and the different teaching methods, the Bass Line has been printed in all pitches and clefs. At this level there is a very real difference between Bb Tenor, Eb Bass and Bb Bass Instruments, thus each has its separate part, especially the Eb Bass Tuba for which there are three alternative parts to cover three possible teaching ranges. To assist with flexibility, parts are printed in both the Clefs used by different teachers. It is not intended that all the parts are to be used - you have the flexibility to choose the one(s) that suits you in your Band

Thankyou to the members of Gladstone Central State School Band for their assistance in developing this work.