27B1  Young Brass Band               $45.00

   27M1  Young Concert Band          $55.00


Constructed in 1st. & 2nd. parts using the range concert A Bb C D Eb E F G, 2nd parts do not have the Concert E and not all players use the lower note Concert A. As the Con E & Eb are generally consecutive, this is an excellent chart for teaching not only Rumba rhythm but also for correct use of chromatic alternative fingering and learning the difference. 

Rhythm includes semibreves, minims, semibreves tied to minims, crotchets, grouped quavers or single quavers paired with dotted crotchets. Some percussion have paired semi-quavers

All sections get a go at melody. 

Form is - Intro A B A C A coda. passages B & C are optional Solo or section soli. The intro. and the bass line are melodies in there own right also.