Brass Band   $45.00



"ZOOT SUIT RIOT", the Big Band rock hit by Cherry Popping Daddies is an exciting piece to play and hear.

For the band wanting to combine the great  sound of a Brass Band with the "Big Band" swing sound in a great show number - very popular in the clubs. 

Some Notes

At bar 10, the rule of accidentals must be applied in that even though there is a flat tied over from the previous bar, it ceases at the end of the tie and therefore is not carried across for the rest of the bar. Thus for Sop., Solo Cor., 3rd. Cor., Eupho., 1st. Trom. and 2nd. Trom., the last note is a natural.

To keep the printed music conveniently to one page, the double Dal Segno system has been used i.e. the second % (Bar 42) returns to the first % (Bar 9) whilst the second %% (Bar 79) returns to the first %% (bar 26).

A good percussion section should be allowed to tastefully extemporize.

Additional Parts

In response to customer requests and to cater for bands who are now using more that the traditional instrumentation, e.g. 2nd Flugel, four trombones, full percussion and Bass Guitar, additional parts have been included for your benefit. They however do not detract from the arrangement if not used.

The 2nd. Flugel provides an alternate or training position which is becoming increasingly necessary as the Flugel continues to evolve into a lead position.

The Trombone parts provide both an extra line if required and also the 3rd. part provides an entry position for those people who have been only taught to play in F clef without yet having the experience to play the low range of the 4th. Trom. The F clef parts for Baritone provide an entry point for players taught through those schools teaching only the F clef system.


Thankyou for choosing to play "Zoot Suit Riot"


Thankyou to the members of Gladstone Municipal, N.S.W. Fire Brigade and Toowoomba Municipal Bands for their assistance in developing this arrangement.


Performance Returns

APRA collects fees from owners or managers of performance venues e.g. local Councils have paid a fee for performances in public parks under their control. These fees are then distributed as royalties to the copyright owners of music performed based on the information APRA receives as to which music is being performed. If information is not received then the performance royalties are not distributed correctly. It costs nothing to provide a performance return. Please advise Top Show Music of the music you perform so that it may be passed on to APRA. The information required is date, performer, venue, item performed, author and publisher if available.

Thankyou for you support.