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About the QSHBA


The Queensland Services Heritage Band Association (QSHBA) is an incorporated not for profit organisation working in the community and with school and community bands. The QSHBA constitution requires it to manage a band or bands on a non profit basis for the betterment of the community. Because individual members of the QSHBA have been linked to defence service bands, the QSHBA continues to have a focus on providing military orientated music to military and ex military member organisations as well as to the general public.


Currently the QSHBA runs four permanent bands, the Queensland Mounted Infantry Historical Troop Band (QMIHTB) the Queensland Show Band (QSB) and the Bayside Youth Band (BYB) and QSHBA  Drum Corps.


·   To form a band or bands of musicians, at least one of which will be youth focused.

·   These bands, as well as operating in a community environment, will have a focus on our military heritage and therefore support other service focused organisations.

·   To provide logistical support to the development and maintenance of these Bands.

·   To provide, through a learners’ program, opportunities for unskilled persons to learn to play a musical instrument.




The QMIHTB traces its history to the early 1950s when the Australian Army Reserve formed three bands to provide musical support to ceremonies relating to the first royal visit of the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth II. There is much evidence of the existence of QMI bands prior to that however. There is archival footage of the QMI band playing on horseback along Brisbane's Queen Street in 1914 when QMI embarked for deployment to WWI as part of the AIF.

In 2005, after 55 years service, the 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (QMI) Band was demobilised. Having now lost all the instruments, uniforms and rehearsal venue, under the patronage of the QSHBA and with the support of the Queensland Legion Memorial Club, The Victoria Barracks Historical Society Museum and the Queensland Mounted Infantry Historical Troop, the band was able to be resurrected as a civilian community band. QMIHTB performed its first concert at the Rotary Christmas Carols at Wynnum beach in 2005.




The first band is called the "Queensland Mounted Infantry Historical Troop Band". This is a bit of a mouthful so “QMI Band” is the chosen abbreviation. The band is now a civilian community band and maintains a regular performance schedule and is successful, not only as a community band, but as a marching band and stage band. The performances sometimes focus on Queensland’s military heritage but often concentrate on entertainment with the tendency to perform jazz, rock and other modern music with the inclusion of electric instrumentation and vocals. In 2009 the decision was made to separate the marching and concert performances thus creating the Queensland Show Band which provides the Concert side of the band performances whilst QMIHTB continues with the marching events.



The QMIHTB and QSB have continued to serve the community by providing free performances at nursing homes, benefits such as the Fire and the Flood relief appeals and public events including the EKKA and the Chinchilla Melon Festival, Wondai Reserve Forces Day, Emu Gully Air and Land Spectacular and the Wynnum Spring Festival.


Further information on QMIHTB and QSB can be found at: QMIHT& QSB.






Our first youth band started in June 2009 and initially provided opportunities for all primary school age students and has attracted members from the Gold Coast and Ipswich. The band has already provided creditable performances to our community. Since then, BYB has continued to grow to the point that there are now four separate Youth Bands providing opportunities at various levels from day one beginners to now having a senior youth band that is comprised of only secondary school students. BYB has also grown to level that is now also a marching band as well as a concert band.






                                                                                             THE QSHBA DRUMMERS

Our Drum Corps started in 2009 with its first performance at the Wynnum Spring Festival Parade on  10/10/09. QSHBA received a Queensland Gambling Community Benefit Grant  which assisted the band to obtain more marching drums for this group. The Drum Corps operates in its own right but often plays in support of the Queensland Mounted Infantry Historical Troop Band.




For the future, the QSHBA is still in need of major logistical support. We are rehearsing in a room rented from the Brisbane City Council in the new Wynnum Community Centre. In 2015, all of our bands rehearsed in the Wynnum Salvation Army Hall. There are not enough words to properly express our gratitude to SA for being such patient hosts during that time.  Because of our community and not-for-profit focus, we have been providing our services to the community, mainly at no cost. The band is available for funded performances at either private or corporate functions. The QSHBA has an ABN and is also registered as a "Deductible Gift Recipient” organisation which makes donations above the value of $2.00 tax deductable.


We would appreciate any assistance and particular in:

  • Obtaining corporate funded performances,
  • Assistance with preparation of grant applications,
  • Obtaining ongoing sponsorship,
  • Suitable long term rehearsal and storage premises tenure,
  • Marketing of our bands services and events.

Contact the QSHBA by Email at: qhsba@topshowmusic.com.au  Or by Mail to: QSHBA, PO BOX 685, WYNNUM, QLD, 4178

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